ADI's Allie Copeland Receives MDM's 2021 Women in Distribution Award

April 15, 2021

ADI's Allie Copeland was recently selected for the 2021 Women in Distribution Awards by Modern Distribution Management (MDM). MDM provides in-depth resources to executives in the wholesale distribution industry, and their Women in Distribution Awards highlights the women who are taking the industry to new heights through strong leadership and mindful investments in the future. Allie received multiple nominations and was recognized for her strong leadership, expertise and creative vision in the face of a global pandemic.

Allie serves as the Global Vice President of Operations for ADI where she is focused on driving operational best in class service. She leads the company's global retail operations, distribution, integrated supply chain, real estate, logistics, inventory and internal audit teams.

Allie led ADI's COVID response and from the beginning her focus was employee safety, while balancing the need for continued business operations and the ability to serve customers as an essential business. Her tracking of the latest guidelines - by country, state and county levels - enabled ADI to quickly make modifications to minimize interactions and ensure customers could access essential goods. Under her direction, several safety measures and protocols were implemented across ADI's 200+ sites around the globe.  

Demonstrating true leadership, Allie took every opportunity to credit her colleagues for ADI's accomplishments. "It was challenging, but my great co-workers and I are now even closer because we worked a lot of late nights and seven days a week looking at orders and thinking through things that none of us had ever dealt with before," she said.

In addition to ADI's COVID response, Allie was recognized for the impact that she has had on her team and the organization during her five-year tenure with ADI.

"Allie has been responsible for numerous process improvements across ADI and is often called upon to lead major strategic initiatives for our business. She offers a creative and unique way of handling some of the most difficult tasks and empowers her team to reach their highest potential," said Rob Aarnes, President of ADI Global Distribution. "Allie is an integral member of the ADI team, and we are extremely proud of her accomplishments and celebrate her success."

Allie, along with the other MDM Women in Distribution award winners, was recognized during a presentation at the recent MDM Future of Distribution Summit.

Congratulations to Allie on her well-deserved recognition in this industry award. Read Allie's profile featured in the latest issue of MDM.