2020 ADI COVID-19 Previous Updates

This page will be updated as ADI responds to coronavirus developments.

April 22, 2020

Our top priority at ADI is the safety of our team members, customers, and partners, as we continue to maintain business operations during the coronavirus situation. We understand the key role that our industry plays in ensuring the safety and security of our communities, and ADI continues to serve our customers across most regions.

We currently have a cross-functional team in place dedicated to monitoring regional and local government orders related to COVID-19, and we’re modifying our operations as necessary to comply with these orders. Some of these modifications include limiting access to in-branch showrooms and trade counters while still providing essential goods through pick up services or shipping options. In some countries, such as India, we are required to temporarily close access to our sites until further notice.
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To ensure the safety of our employees, customers, and partners, we’ve put several precautionary measures in place, including:

  • Providing employees with personal protective equipment (PPE) including face masks to wear when working with others, interacting with customers, or in close contact (less than six feet apart) with another individual.
  • Complying with CDC or WHO requirements in all instances for personal safety and the safety of others, including recommended hand washing, regular cleaning of facilities, requesting associates stay at home when not feeling well, and operating at a distance at least six feet apart.
  • Postponing all training and Expo events.
  • Restricting all travel, domestic or international.
  • Closing distribution centers to outside visitors.
  • Enabling a swift, discretionary work from home policy for employees able to do so to help slow the spread of the coronavirus early on.
During these times, access to security and life safety products becomes even more important to our communities. To continue to meet the needs of our customers during this critical time, we are:

  • Continuing to monitor the global situation to help lessen any possible impact to our operations.
  • Engaging with our supplier partners to proactively monitor inventory positions and mitigate any potential supply chain delays.
  • Encouraging customers to order online or by phone.
  • Offering shipping options to reduce foot traffic in branches.
  • In most markets, offering pick-up services including curbside pickup and Pick Up Anytime services.

ADI values partnerships with its customers and supplier partners, and we are committed to providing regular updates on the steps we’re taking to support business continuity during this time. We trust that when we get to the other side of this, we’ll be stronger as an industry.

March 24, 2020 

Over the last week, we have seen numerous state and local government orders issued to help promote social distancing and to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

To ensure compliance with each order, we have outlined a process for determining whether an ADI location may remain open and the steps we must take:

  • We have a cross-functional team dedicated to monitoring federal, state and local orders related to COVID-19.
  • When an order is issued, our internal legal department, as well as external counsel where appropriate, reviews the order and any applicable guidance.
  • To the extent we believe in good faith that the order does not apply to ADI, or that we fall within an applicable exception in the order that permits us to remain open, we determine whether it is appropriate to maintain current operations or whether we need to modify operations to be compliant.
  • Modified operations may include, for example, limiting access to in-branch showrooms and trade counters while still providing essential goods through Curbside Pickup or Pick Up Anytime. Both offer excellent options to pick up goods while supporting social distancing for our team members and customers.
  • In all instances, ADI complies with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requirements for personal safety and the safety of others, including recommended handwashing, regular cleaning of facilities, requesting associates stay at home when not feeling well and operating at a distance at least six feet apart.
  • We then notify and partner closely with our local site leaders to ensure alignment and compliance.

During these times, access to security and life safety products becomes even more important to our communities. In many markets globally, ADI is working diligently to interpret the local guidelines in real-time and make modifications to business operations as needed to ensure your continued access to these essential goods.

ADI values partnerships with customers and supplier partners and as such is committed to diligently addressing local concerns quickly and agilely to support business continuity.

March 18, 2020 

ADI continues to remain open to serve customers. We understand the key role that many of us play in ensuring the safety and security of our communities. At the same time, the safety of our employees and customers remains our top priority. We are working together to be proactive in supporting business continuity as safely as possible by making the following recommendations and modifications to services:

  • Remaining accessible: We are encouraging customers to order online at or by phone. If you have forgotten your password, follow the “Forgot your username or password?” link on the sign-in page.
  • Shipping direct to you: While our branches remain open, to support the reduction of foot traffic, we encourage customers to have orders shipped directly to their locations.
  • Modified order pickup services: ADI has long prided itself on its Pick Up Anytime service, which allows customers to pick up orders from a secure locker just outside of the main retail area with minimal contact. This week, we have also added a new service, Curbside Pickup, in some markets to reduce contact during the order pickup process.
  • Taking precautions: Customers showing symptoms of COVID-19, have had close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days, or have visited a highly impacted area are respectfully asked to call us or order online to arrange delivery. Please avoid visiting a branch at this time.
  • Being proactive: While we have taken various actions to mitigate any possible impact on operations and currently have sufficient inventory in stock to meet existing demand, we cannot foresee future restrictions that may be applied. With this in mind, customers who have pressing needs for large or critical projects should consider placing orders early or speaking directly with their ADI point of contact at the earliest convenience.

Thank you for your support in helping to minimize the health risk to our customers, team members, and supplier partners.

March 16, 2020
We wanted to provide an update on how ADI's global operations team is handling the global coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. As part of our strong commitment to mitigate any possible impact on your operations, we have taken the following steps as part of closely monitoring the developing situation and reviewing any potential shortages:

  • Several weeks ago, we proactively increased safety stock on products where components or manufacturing is primarily conducted in China.
  • We continue to monitor open supplier orders and are actively working with our supplier partners to expedite orders past due.
  • We developed an integrated business planning process with our supplier partners to identify their current inventory position, secondary and tertiary component sourcing, and levels of production so that we can respond with additional safety stock or order expedites where appropriate.
  • We are engaged with our carriers to mitigate the potential for container availability challenges and port congestion.
While our branches continue to remain open to serve customers, we've announced a proactive measure to our team members, encouraging them to work remotely if their jobs allow it. This measure is meant to lessen large congregations of gatherings, encouraging all to use available technologies to collaborate instead. We have communicated the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) recommended precautionary measures and any local regulatory requirements, which in some instances are more rigorous, to our team members to educate them and to help prevent the spread of any respiratory diseases. We are also working diligently to help ensure safe working environments for our Team Members, customers, and visitors during the COVID-19 health concern. If you have any concerns about exposure to COVID-19, ADI is happy to offer the following alternatives to assist with your needs:

  • Orders can be shipped directly to you.
  • Bypass the counter; utilize our Pick Up Anytime service, which will allow you to obtain your products safely and securely from our lockers located at select locations.
  • Orders can be placed online and products can be delivered. Click the "ADI In Your Country" button at the top of the page to find the Digital Branch for your area.

While we presently have sufficient inventory in stock to meet existing demand, we commit to providing you with updates should the greater global COVID-19 concerns otherwise impact our ability to supply your needs. We will make these updates available on this site for your convenience. Should you need further information, have any concerns and/or queries, please contact your account manager or customer service representative.

We're committed to keeping you updated.
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